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Abueva Sabila Mendigalikyzy

Abueva Sabila Mendigalikyzy was born on July 9 in 1952 in Atyrau region. She has started her first working path at drama theater in the name of Makhambet Otemisuly. The master which has her exclusive place because of actively started art way at the puppettheater in 1969. More than 200 roles in different genres were played by her.

In 1981 honored artist of the Kazakh SSR was awarded with “Certificate of merit” by Minister of Culture of RK.

The roles she played: «Sadness» – witch wife (baybishe), “Champion Kozha” – grandmother, laziness, “Teriskakpay” – Tapa, “Event happened to Zhomart” – Zhomart, “Legend of swan” – witch, white bird, “Kerbakpay” – a pupil, “Sabira’s fuss” – old woman, “Orashalyk Orash” – Sabira, Karashash, “Star” – Moon, “Theater of one actor” – 2 giant, grandfather, mother, fox, “Cherished word” – old woman, first wife, witch (zheztyrnak), “Wedding is not breaking down” – East, Balts, Armenians, Michael, Pugacheva, “Sunbeam” – cat, “Heron and robbery” – fox, “Kunshe” – witch, “Chick” – dog, “Gosling” – fox, “Aldar Kose” – the devil, “Rys named Rys” – frog, “The holy apple” – the devil, “Mowgli” – a wolf, “Ugly duckling” – stork, chickens, “Puppet show” –acrobatics, R.Baglanova, M.Jackson, Povorotti, gypsy, east center, “Three piglets” - Naph-Naph, “Pink flower” – kikimora, “Soldier’s boiler” – a nurse, an astrophysicist, “Bremen musicians” – cat, “Swan silk” – swan, “Magic candle of Aladdin” – mother, “Ali-Baba and 40 thieves” – Akhmed, “Motherland” – mother, snake, mask , “Kanbak shal” - grandmother, fox, red giant, “Russian folk tales” – buffoon, a snail, “Fox and rogue” – a rabbit, “Buratino” – a turtle.

Roles she played in movies: “The innocent sin” – the episode of woman (director B.Sharipov, 2004 ), “Magician” - the mother of a girl playing a major role (director G.Omarov, 2007), “Dream city” – the episode (director E.Abdizhapparov, 2009), “A nice man next to you” – the episode (director N.Igilik, 2012), “Village guard” – Bagila (director S.Kurmanbekov, 2014), “Consultants” – the episode (director R.Kosay, 2015), “A road to Mother” – (director Satayev), “KelinkaSabinka 2” – “The main mother of the daughter-in-law(Kudagi)” (director N.Adambayev), “The inner heart” – “Ene” ( director Zh.Tumatayev, G.Abuyeva).

She was awarded with the medal "30 years of The independence of Kazakhstan" by the Decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 2, 2021.

In 2022, in honor of the 75th anniversary and the 55th anniversary of the path in the teater, shw was awarded with the badge "Dara" of the Union of Theater Workers, and with a special medal "Enbek enbek kairatkeri" of the Public Association of the local trade union "Rukhaniyat".