Everyone who loves the world of fairy tales and believes in kindness, in a hurry to get tickets of the Puppet Theater. There are no restrictions on the age of the person. The visitor of the theater in the play finds peace of mind and finds a special mood! Children's world is the most fun, the real! Moreover, our society needs such purity of soul!

Nuradil Aliyar Nurlanbekuly

Nuradil Aliyar Nurlanbekuly was born on June 17, 1998 in the village of Berek, which is located in the Balkhash district of the Almaty region.


Graduated from Bereke High School in 2016.


In 2016 he became a student of the Republican Variety and Circus College named after Zhusipbek Yelebekov in a specialty "artist of puppet theater". He graduated this college in 2019.


In 2019 he was accepted as an artist at the State Puppet Theater. Currently he works in the aforementioned theater.


Some of his roles:

Shaman, Leon "How to treat lion fear?", Bird "Abai. Impressions", Prince "Cinderella", Wolf, Rooster "Teremok", Sakkulak, Tausogar "Er Tostik", Grandson "Toba" and others.