Everyone who loves the world of fairy tales and believes in kindness, in a hurry to get tickets of the Puppet Theater. There are no restrictions on the age of the person. The visitor of the theater in the play finds peace of mind and finds a special mood! Children's world is the most fun, the real! Moreover, our society needs such purity of soul!

Little Red Riding Hood

Genre: Fairy tale
Author: S.Efremov, V.Kogan
Director: S.Makulbekov

The heroine of a fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood is a kind, caring girl, lived with her mother on the edge of the forest. One day she carries pies baked by her mother – to grandmother, at the other end of the forest, greeting a gray wolf along the road. She escaped from a hungry beast. But the wily wolf was waiting for her in her grandmother's bed. The fairy tale, as usual, has a happy ending. But our fairy tale is also unexpected. With the help of fairy charms, the wolf will turn ... into an elephant. An elephant and a Red Riding will guard the forest, water the flowers.

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