Everyone who loves the world of fairy tales and believes in kindness, in a hurry to get tickets of the Puppet Theater. There are no restrictions on the age of the person. The visitor of the theater in the play finds peace of mind and finds a special mood! Children's world is the most fun, the real! Moreover, our society needs such purity of soul!


Genre: Fairy tale
Author: E. Lokshina
Director: A.Zaitsev

A bright play with the participation of actors and puppets, based on the famous Russian folk tale "Teremok" in the original director's reading. Children as viewers find themselves in a magical forest, where they meet funny inhabitants of the forest. Together with them, they grow a large mashrum, which becomes a home for forest dwellers. Each of the guests of the teremok: the mouse - the little girl, the frog, the cockerel, etc. teach children their skills and talents. The little mouse does exercises with the children, bunny teaches how to collect carrots and count, cockerel helps them learn a funny song and the Wolf goes fishing with the them. At the end of the play, the children shall understand the important truth that in the big house there is a place for everyone, the main thing is that to live together happily, supporting and helping each other. All children take an active part in the play: they sing, dance with the characters of the fairy tale and help the heroes to overcome the difficulties that have arisen.