Everyone who loves the world of fairy tales and believes in kindness, in a hurry to get tickets of the Puppet Theater. There are no restrictions on the age of the person. The visitor of the theater in the play finds peace of mind and finds a special mood! Children's world is the most fun, the real! Moreover, our society needs such purity of soul!

Stork and Scarecrow

Genre: Fairy tale
Author: L.Lopeyska, G.Krchulova
Director: D. Burman

"Stork and the Scarecrow" is a good tale about friendship and loyalty. A stork with a broken wing is about to die. But Scarecrow Strashko saves him and helps him to survive the winter. Together they set off to wander the world. Then spring comes and the flock returns. Now Stork has a choice: to fly away with the flock or stay with his faithful friend Strashko. This touching, philosophical and poetic story tells the to the little viewer about good and evil, betrayal and nobility, about true friendship, love and devotion.