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The project "Ulagatty urpaq" | the lecture by artist Gulnaz Absattar | "Cinderella" (kazakh language)

29 March 2022

Dear spectators of our theater! We present to your attention the video of the lecture given by the artist of the Puppet Theater Gulnaz Absattar in the scopes of the online educational project “Ulagatty urpaq”!


"Ulagatty Urpaq"  (translation: "The Worthy Generation") is a new online project that was developed to give cultural education to the school-age children. The project was launched in October 2020 and implemented at the initiative of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Within the scopes of this project, lectures are held in Kazakh and Russian languages ​​about the sacred places of Kazakhstan, the country's known figures, about etiquette, as well as about the fine arts, theater, music, and cinema. Lecture videos last for 10-15 minutes. Each of them is prepared for the students of certain classes, which means they are lectures for first graders, second graders, and so on until the eleventh graders.

Within the scopes of this project the lecture videos were prepared with the participation of the State Puppet Theater artists as lecturers. One of these videos is an interesting and understandable lecture in kazakh language which was conducted by the artist of our theater Gulnaz Absattar for third grade students about the play "Cinderella". We hope you enjoy the video!